Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shopping spree

This was the second day of the Southern Wisconsin shop hop. Jaime and I went to 5 different shops! I think I might go to another next weekend, but certainly won't make it to all 13.

I planned to pick out white/cream and black prints for my Single Girl, but I only found about 4 prints I really liked. So, that decision is made. I will use the white sheets I already have.

Instead, I got some more 30s prints (note to self: JJ Stitches has a good variety at the moment), some penguins for Christmas stockings, and a couple blues to use in a fish quilt of some sort. There are 2 quite cute projects of the same theme I would like to try.
I also bought some Best Press. I think it might make tiny stars and the Grinch quilt easier.

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  1. shop hops are so much fun! I just went on one in my area last week :) the penguin fabric is fabulous!


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