Saturday, September 10, 2011

En Route

At this precise moment, I am soaring over the clouds, breeze in my hair, bright sun streaming past.

Well, that is putting a pleasant spin on the situation. True, I am above the clouds and sunlight is plentiful, but the wind comes from the vent overhead. I cranked it when the flight attendant decided it was getting cold. I am sitting in the 16th row, an aisle seat over the wing, in hopes of feeling as little turbulence as possible.

We are heading south a little too early this year; it is forecast to be about 100 degrees when we land. Truthfully, it hasn't seemed to be very cool yet in the place we are leaving either. A couple ridiculous trees have decided to begin changing though, a branch here and there.

I am taking a hiatus from my project queue this week. My husband returned all the library books I had yet to look at and were due in the next week, already having been renewed to the limit. I left my most recent fabric acquisitions folded atop my cutting mat and the squares already cut stacked with my sketched pattern and size calculations. Squash from the garden is stashed in the fridge; if it survives until my return, I've promised to actually eat it.

Instead I am taking up a different, thankfully shorter list of things I hope to do:

Eat Ritter's Frozen Custard and Blue Bell ice cream

Visit thrift stores with my mom

Work on the interior decorating in the dollhouse my dad and I started

Eat Mexican food and drink margaritas at Los Cucos and El Jarrito

Take my two dogs for walks and to the park

Hang out with old friends from high school

Celebrate an early Christmas with my dad's side of the family (We won't make it back later in the year)

Meet my cousin's new baby girl and give her the dress I made from this tutorial (I bet it won't fit till next year)

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