Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days

We visited my parents in Houston last week.
(More on this later.)

On Sunday our return home was delayed.

It began with a late take off from Houston, 4:45pm instead of 1:15pm. Perhaps we should have called my parents to pick us up again and rebooked our flights then, but we were assured that everything in and out of Chicago was delayed and we should still make our connection. Upon landing in Chicago, after the time we should have been landing in Syracuse according to the original schedule, we learned that our connecting flight had been cancelled altogether.

Before the last plane of the day to Syracuse took off, it was quite clear we would not be on it; we were numbers 32 and 33 on the standby list. I joined the customer service line. We finally spoke to an agent at 11:30pm. He rebooked us on a flight to Charlotte the next morning and then home in the afternoon. We took a discount rate on a hotel; the airline wouldn't cover the full cost since the delay was due to weather. I was not really satisfied with this, but even the manager gave what sounded like automated responses to our arguments.

We finally landed at 6:45pm on Monday evening, a full 24 hours late.


  1. Nice to meet another newbie blogger! We have several things in common on our if-I-only-had-the-time lists. I'm actually forcing myself to set aside all other projects and work on quilted Christmas stockings right now. I've been meaning to do those for several years now, and I'm determined to finish them this year lol! And I sympathize about the whole flying fiasco. I'm a Southerner, so anytime I fly, its pretty much a sure bet that I'm going to be routed through Atlanta - and something always goes wrong when I get to Atlanta.

  2. Good luck on your stockings! I guess you have twice as many as I do to make - lucky you :)
    I decided I had to make stckings after seeing one made with hexagons on this blog:


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