Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Lurker Joins

Perhaps the word is wistful... That's how I feel just now. I'm making my almost daily perusal of google reader and I've come across some new (to me) blogs that are just wonderful and make me want to create one as well.
This is quite a common occurrance for me really. The blogs I began following in June first put the idea in my head and I've been contemplating this "beginning a blog thing" through the summer and now into autumn. However, I am still not quite sure how to get going; not sure what's on my mind will be interesting to others; not sure I can devote enough time to have a well maintained and engaging online presence; not sure I will remember take photos with natural light more than once a week (or perhaps month)...

Wistful. Yes, that's the word for it.

While I've been reading blogs over the last several months, I've also been slowly building a stash of projects for which I have all or nearly all the components, but no real progress past that.

Case in point:

Progress cutting squares by threadrobin
Charm squares in progress

When I found a flanel sheet at a thrift store with two matching pillow cases I figured it was perfect for a backing and some coordinating patchwork.
At first, I had a terrible time trying to find coordinating fabrics for the quilt top. I finally got a small amount of bright pink/purple batik and some neutral solids. One patterned fabric is enough right? Especially when it is also featured as the backing? I think so.

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