Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shopping therapy

Hopefully I'll be setting aside more time for sewing soon as I've purchased quite a lot of fabric in recently! I went on half a shop hop, well 7 of 12 shops.


I tried not to buy anything without a plan:
- solid navy (on top) is to go with some scraps for a small sprocket pillow
- bright blue was free and thus did not need a purpose
- yellow, orange and blue dots will work with my rainbow charms
- pink checker board was also free
- black and white stripe will become binding
- second navy blue actually has cute moons and stars though it appears near solid in this stack
- ants would be perfect for a picnic quilt but were more of an impulse buy
- spider webs (hardly visible below ants) will probably be a pouch lining or something for halloween
- red presents might become stocking lining or be part of the outside
- grinch stealing trees (also hardly visible) and red stripes will be a pillow for my mom because we always watched that cartoon at Christmas
- notebook paper will probably become a book cover or pouch
- purple with flowers was free
- blue/ white/ off white (bottom 6 fabrics) will be used probably for farmer's wife blocks

My most expensive impulse buy adds another quilt to my queue.

Have you ever seen Simply Shabby Chic bedding at Target? The designer is Rachel Ashwell and I think her style is so pretty. (We currently use a white coverlet from one of her lines on our bed.)

Anyway, these colors seemed to me like a slightly edgier version of many fabrics she uses. I have to come up with a suitable pattern - something more traditional than modern I think, although Rachel's currently available quilts seem to be either simple patchwork or whole cloth. Obviously, I can't do the latter with what I bought.

I'll probably seek out some other neutrals before making my mind up on these - plenty of time for suggestions if you have them!

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