Sunday, September 23, 2012

H-H-H-Happy Birthday! - Gus Gus

My parents are visiting this week, so my husband and I have the futon in the living room. I think I'd need to stay in bed at elast 12 hours to get enough rest. Instead, I feel a bit more like a zombie every morning.

I'm glad they're here though. They did some exploring on their own while we were at work Thurs/Fri and then yesterday we took them to the farmers market (they loved it) and the arboretum (left after the sunset rather than stay for the entire tour - too tired). Between those two outings, I took my mom to a couple local quilt shops. I enjoyed that; she seemed to too. My friend Wendy met us at the first one so I could introduce her to my mom - surprisingly, none of us found fabric we felt we had to buy there (a first for Wendy and me). At the second one, I bought 1/4 yd more green veggie fabric to finish a second grocery tote. That reminds me, I haven't posted a picture of the first yet although I've been using it for several weeks now... I also bought some Cindy Lou Who to add to my mom's Christmas present.

She loves the Grinch. We always watched it around the holidays when I was growing up. I already had some of the red on red stripe and these grinches with trees to make a pillow and was considering getting a couple yards of Whoville to fussy cut for a quilt. I think I should. I suggested it to her and she was pretty enthusiastic. I didn't buy it yet though.

In other news, I've been making more progress on the quilt I'm tenatively calling Agrabah.

All the thread ends are tied in now.
I would be working on the binding, but when I laid it out to trim the edges, I decided the corners were too wonky for my taste and ripped out a few places.

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  1. Ha! That was a first! I didn't believe it was possible to walk in and out of a quilt shop without a purchase. Are you machine binding or hand binding?


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