Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day of the Deadline

31 hours worked already this week - and not on sewing projects mind you...

Over the weekend I had a bit of a break though, my second Sew Day with the Mad Mod quilt guild.

In preparation, I broke out the pins.

Somehow in glancing around my sewing room, I missed the huge package of pins I'd purchased for basting... Instead I pulled the old container of random sized pins from my desk drawer. Once I'd picked out all the easy to use pins, I started thinking to myself that I must have more pins somewhere. Then, after using most of the small pins and rumaging through the desk drawers again to steal additional small pins from assorted sewing kits, I finally spotted the 300 nearly new pins I'd looked for earlier perched on a shelf with my fabric stash.
Anyway, I need to get this shipped off pretty soon. The baby will be here in a few weeks.
It coordinated so well with my machine as I stitched it up!
All that's left is the binding. :)

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