Sunday, December 9, 2012


Block 2 - Autumn Tints

I suppose it's fitting that I chose fabrics with some leaves given the title of this block. I didn't do it intentionally; I was more just trying to set a precendent not to use the same fabrics in all the blocks.

This pattern was pretty simple to cut and didn't take as long as my first block.

I decided to square up my 4 patches after closer inspection. They weren't too far off, but in my efforts to make scant 1/4" seams I think I actually wind up making them even narrower than they need to be.

I am absolutely thrilled that my points came out so well in this one!

Up next is Basket. It has an appliqued handle. Overall, I'm not sure I like the basket patterns much. Should I stick to the integrity of the pattern or skip over them and fill in with other patterns?

I paged through the Pony Club version of the Farmer's Wife Sampler and I think I could pull some from there without getting duplicates...

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