Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Springtime for Hitler

Will and I watched The Producers a few weeks ago and as I was contemplating possible spring related post titles, that song popped into my head.

I wanted to reference spring for a couple of reasons - first, it has finally arrived in Madison. I got a new bike on Saturday morning while the skies were still gloomy, but after lunch the sun emerged. Will and I live close to one of the major bike paths in the area so out we went.

I bought a Trek 7.1
The second reason spring seemed appropriate is my new 241 tote!

It really didn't take that long to put together. Here are some details I'm really pleased with:

Top stitching on the side pockets.
Interior zipper pocket that fits my phone and a pen.

Top stitching in yellow on yellow and white on neutral.

I'm excited to no longer carry my backpack to work everyday... :)

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