Sunday, June 9, 2013

Home Sweet Apartment

It's kinda nice to be back. I loved getting to spend some time with my parents last week (on the fringes of a work trip), but it was a pretty crazy week. This weekend Will and I have been recovering by sleeping in and sticking around the apartment for the most part. We took some time out to see 3 more houses and take a walk at the UW Arboretum, bus nixed plans for a bike ride or hiking at parks that are further away.

Anyway, in sewing news, the guild is starting up lots of exciting things this summer, including a monthly block lottery! I'm working on my second entry already!
Color combo 1
Color combo 2
We also allowed Moose out to see what he would do about a nearby squirrel - turns out, not much.

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  1. The yellow in block two is my favorite stack stash print! Love the blocks! Awesome job!


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