Thursday, February 9, 2012

25 Things

1. Sarah's list inspired me to try this.

2. I still feel new to this blogging thing, despite the fact that it's been months and I thought about it months before that.

3. I'd really love to move this summer so that I can get away from little things that irk me about our current apartment and possibly have a pet again. Also, I'm not used to living in the same place for so long anymore.

4. Caffine isn't helping as much as I thought it would this morning.

5. Last night I finally took the tree down; I've been meaning to do it for weeks now. That corner of the living room now looks bare, almost to the point of desolate.

6. I'm thrilled that one of my college friends will be visiting this month! I wish I saw all of them more often.

7. Our bathroom floor is being fixed today. Back in Dec my scale make a hole in the linoleum. (No, I don't weigh that much! In fact, I weigh less now than when I got married.) I suspect there is/ has been a leak that rotted the supports beneath. I don't think it's a coincidence that the downstairs neighbor reported a leak spot on her ceiling.

8. It's been a very mild winter for my area this year; it has spoiled my plans to go snowshoeing.

9. People (me) really do listen to those calls. You know when you call a company and the automessage tells you it may be recorded?

10. I think when I am part of a sewing bee, my month would be bottled rainbow blocks.

11. Stay tuned for more about said bee this spring.

12. I make a lot of notes to myself. Maybe it would be easier to keep track of things with a smartphone. It would certainly cut down on the slips of paper stored in my purse.

13. Yoga isn't as relaxing for me as it used to be. This makes me kind of sad.

14. My husband and I are going to play volleyball (just for fun) with some of his coworkers this spring.

15. I've recently caught up on my blog reading. I just keep finding new ones I like! There are about 60 new posts waiting for me now, but in early Jan it was well over 1000! Yeesh!

16. I put things on hold at the library all the time. It's so much easier than searching for the titles I want on the shelves and way cheaper than buying everything that looks interesting.

17. Speaking of, I need to go pick a few up soon. And I need to finish reading the ones I have.

18. Maybe I should blog about some of them and the inspiration I find. Most of them are sewing/ craft related after all. Do you think that would be interesting?

19. Sometimes I wish I'd been born with a trust fund so I could afford to travel more and be free to pursue things as they caught my fancy. I got a taste of this daydream while studying abroad in Italy and Russia.

20. Next I want to go to Germany. My sister has talked about a birthday trip in a couple years; I'd like to take my mom to the village her grandfather came from. Maybe that's two trips?

21. In opposition to the day dream in #16, I'd also love to have a country house with a huge garden and eat mostly my own produce. I might even consider raising chickens.

22. Raising chickens might not actually make sense for me unless I sold a lot of the eggs. As a child I was allergic to egg whites; I'm pretty much fine now, but still tend not to use very many. 

23. I used to hate chocolate cake. Espesially if it had chocolate frosting.

24. I have a fledgling cookbook collection. The next one I want to add is All Cakes Considered.

25. I love irony. And puns, but don't go looking for one of those. I don't think I've made one.

Do you have some thoughts you'd like to share?

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  1. I'm not sure how long I could stay somewhere without pets.

    Your 21 is my DREAM. My dad used to raise chickens. Or rather, he kept chickens for the eggs, for us.

    1. You must know more about it than I do then! I just read a book about growing your own food and such and it included a chapter on chickens. I've only been around them a little bit at relative's houses though. What kind did you have?

      I miss having pets. My husband and I have a deal that we'll each get a dog at some point since we want different kinds. I'd also like a cat or two, but he claims he's allergic. I suppose he may be mildly, but when we visit my parents (who have cats and "my" two dogs) it doesn't seem to bother him. I think the real culprit is dust. Oh well. Our apt doesn't allow pets so it's not really a question until we move somewhere else.

  2. Reserving books at the library works SO well! I keep a list of books I think I might want to read and then reserve a few at a time and grab them when we're in town. MUCH easier than trying to keep kids quiet while I browse the shelves.


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