Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My sewing plans last Saturday Sunday:
1. Go to Joann's and use 25% off your total purchase coupon to get additional bobbins and black Kona sufficient to finish my Stained quilt.
2. Load black thread and begin piecing Stained quilt.
3. Take pictures for show and tell.

What actually happened:
1a. Went to Joann's and picked out 2 more Denyse Schmidt fabrics (on sale) and Kona (not on sale). Decided to just go with the black on hand until it's gone and use 40% off coupon later for Kona. Found bobbins on the shelf that did not match the kind Audrey uses... Debated putting DS fabrics back and going home empty handed.

1b. Stood in line at cutting counter. Continued debabting whether it was worth the wait. Wandered over to check out prequilted fabric that someone else was buying to make a bag (no appealing designs). Noticed mock up of McCall's dress and made mental note to possibly go back for the pattern. (If we are not moving, there will be a wedding to go to in April.) Glared at everyone for being so slow.

1c. Inched through line at checkout. Continued to glare at everyone for being so slow. Texted college friend for distraction. Called parents, got voicemail. Noticed that Hersheys is now making aerated chocolate and that 1.44oz Air Delight cost the same as the regular 1.55 oz bar. Thought of my host family in Russia - the child of the house loved aerated chocolate (I got him some for his birthday).

1d. Detoured to library on the way home. Picked up adorable children's book featuring porcupines: A Balloon for Isabel.

2. Arrived home, still aggravated by poor layout at Joann's store and sloth-like employees. Agreed to start dinner whilst darling husband went to retrieve wine.

3. Worked on Purple Haze quilt instead of Stained. Took pictures, but did not upload. (Another reason this post is called, "Fail.")


  1. Well, you did end up working on A quilt ;-) I just didnt understand which fabric you went home with.

  2. Ha ha, I don't think this is a fail at all, maybe more of a distracted :) A day that ends with sewing and a glass of wine is a good one in my book!


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