Friday, March 9, 2012


Well, even with my color coded layout guide for the Stained QAL, cutting has not gone quite as smoothly or quickly as I envisioned.

See my problem/ solution?
I'm not sure where/ how I went wrong when coloring, but when I went to cut this I found that 4 pieces were supposed to be 11" with the direction of the print! From a 1/4 yd cut off the bolt, this just isn't possible... So... I pieced just enough to make it work. I did my best to match the pattern and when all is sewn and quilted, I doubt the extra seams will be very noticable. (Don't tell me if I'm wrong, ok?)


  1. Hi Amy, I did the cutting guide with the proviso that it was non directional,my quilt will have patches all over it that are all sorts of ways round!

  2. Definitely definitely will not be noticable when it's all done! I'm so behind on this quiltalong - must catch up must catch up!


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