Monday, April 9, 2012

To Do: A belated report

Lawson and Lotti
Checking in with the March list:

Must do:
Rainbow Charm Swap - Done. I can't wait to get them back!
Purple Haze Quilt (in order to count for 1st Quarter Finish Along) - I did trim all the blocks and begin piecing the top.

Oh My Stars QAL - I got all the squares marked, but since they've been languishing in their stacks.

Stained QAL - I've cut all my prints! And I began cutting sashing. I'll probably need more, but I want to start piecing.

I made no progress on the things I said I might do...

I did well on my excuse though! I kept up with my class through the end of March. (This past weekend, not so much...)

My additional excuse for not sewing more is: I had an out of town interview and have since spent many hours researching relocation - apts, things to do, etc...

This coming month I expect to be mostly consumed by packing and maybe studying. Although, if I drop the course, there will be more time for sewing and posting. ;)

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