Sunday, May 19, 2013

Grinchmas in May

Yesterday I made a map of the Grinch quilt layout. I don't want to have square blocks - they'll wind up being triangles and trapezoids instead.
I meant to take my bolt of muslin along to the Mad Mod sew day, but forgot it at home... Good thing I took along the last 7 medium star blocks to finish up or I wouldn't have actually been able to sew anything (without buying something new).
I'm slowly stitching away on this project - only have the little ones left:
Poll: Is it worth it to get Flickr Pro? I've apparently reached the storage limit and old stuff will not be available if I keep uploading new. I'm there are other perks as well, but I hate to wind up paying for it year after year. I might try weeding out some of the pictures I have uploaded first and see how it goes.

Purr from Moose. (I'm glad he doesn't try to get right on my lap/keyboard.)

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