Sunday, May 5, 2013

Up and at 'em

I'm not usually up at this hour on a Sunday, but we've got a foster cat for the summer who apparently is a morning cat. He's alternately playful and staring out the window from which he last saw his real owner.

He also keeps walking across my lap, fortunately not on the keyboard (yet).

In sewing news, I purchased a real free motion foot for my sewing machine. I tried it out last night to mediocre results. I'll need more practice, but it's not terribly fun to rip out stitches. I am starting on a smallish practice sort of project, however I still want it to look good when I finish. Dilemma.

I got the top to look alright, but the back still had some issues. It'd be nice to have stitch lengths be a little more uniform too...


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