Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thrifted Thursday

Does luck at thrift stores come in spurts? It sure seems like it. I've been searching for furniture for our (sparce) apartment since we got married over a year ago and only in the past few weeks have I actually been finding things I like. (Of course this only adds to my list of things to do before company arrives.)

On my last trip I found a small side table. $5.66, including tax!

Second find in about as many weeks!

I like the legs and the fact that the drawers have tracks on the underside so they stay flat when you pull them out (at least to a certain point). It seems to have some water marks here and there; I'm not sure how they came to be on a vertical surface... I think the worst part is a sticky fake wood grain print protective thing over the top. I'm guessing its mylar, but it could be plastic. Either way, I am removing it. I'd hoped it would peel off in just a couple pieces, however it is old and brittle so I am scraping it off with a carving tool left over from my architecture student days.

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  1. Oooh another renovation job... making me quite envious!! Have fun, hope it goes well.


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