Saturday, December 3, 2011

For Juliet

I met my cousin's new daughter for the first time on our visit to TX in September. Adorable.

My dad's side of the family usually exchanges Christmas gifts at New Year's, but since we won't be visiting again this year, we decided to do it early. Of course, I'll be sending some small packages since I wasn't really ready. Juliet was the only one I actually had a present for, a blue and white striped dress made from a men's shirt.

Did I remember to take pictures of the finished product? No... the best I did was a blurry shot of the package being opened in which the dress was hardly discernable...

I do have other pictures of the trip though, as promised!

Will's first visit to the Alamo.
The grounds were wonderful!

Here's me with my dad at the Riverwalk.

Totally a posed shot.

The puppy wanted us to stay longer. And keep petting him.

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