Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thrifted Thursday

Here's a Christmas present that didn't get made:

These two 100% wool sweaters cost me $5.70.

I meant to use them to try out a pattern (or several) from Countryside Softies. I got the book out of the library, but I like so many of the animals I should probably just buy it.

My niece received a sewing kit last year from my sister-in-law complete with lots of notions and I thought it would be brilliant to give her all the pieces and directions to make her own little animal this year! The problem was I ran out of time to assemble the parts, let alone test the pattern to be sure the directions would make sense to her... Perhaps it will work out as a birthday present.

Instead we gave her an origami flower set. And a flock of cranes I made as hanging decor for my college apartment. I felt bad throwing them away at the end of school so they waited in a paper bag until now. I think it was quite a hit as I spent at least an hour Monday afternoon assisting as all three kids made various types of birds, a frog and several sleds with the extra pile of origami paper also found in the bag.

Isn't this little emblem cute?

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