Saturday, January 28, 2012

I love Saturdays!

This one in particular is going very well for me! Whilst the husband took the truck to be inspected this morning, I made breakfast and a treat. And made a good start on laundry - didn't think you'd be interested in photos of that though...

Whole wheat buttermilk scones

Apple pie

I strayed from my usual pie recipe by using lime juice rather than lemon and sweetened it with honey instead of sugar. After lunch we tested it. I probably should have used just a bit more honey, but served with whipped cream or ice cream I'm sure it would be fine.

Next we took a walk around the neighborhood (40 degrees does not feel like January!) and stopped by the thrift store. There were no interesting pieces of furniture, but I did spot a solid blue sheet that seemed brighter than the one I already have. I mean to go back tomorrow with a swatch of my quilt along fabric to see if it matches.

The fact that I have not found satisfactory solids yet is one reason I am so far behind on this project. Mostly, I've just had a hard time finding time to sew over the past couple months. If I was caught up with the set schedule, I'd be about half done right now...

My work space - ie dining table.
Oh well. I'm just working slower than most, if not everyone else. Eventually I'll finish and I really like how it is coming together so far. I've noticed an improvement in my seam accuracy today which is nice. I fudged it a bit more in the big blocks which I made first.

2 large, 2 medium and 3 small
Can you tell? I think they all look good as blocks, but I expect imperfections will make piecing to adjacent blocks a bit more difficult. Maybe I'll decide a couple missed points don't bother me or maybe I'll use the worst on their own as pillows to avoid such frustrations.

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