Thursday, January 5, 2012

Better late than never

I'm joining the Finish-A-Long hosted by Rhonda over at Quilter in the Gap!

Here are the things I am carrying over from 2011. Of course I meant to finish them sooner, but better late than never.

1. My grown up shower curtain. (Replacing the rubber ducky one I had in college, mostly because the grommets got rusty.)

I worked a bit on it last night, but when I held it up to the rod I decided I actually would prefer it longer... So what I need to do is pick out what was to be the top hem and redo it much skinnier. It will then become the bottom hem to limit my time with the seamripper. Finally, I'll get to play with the buttonhole function on my sewing machine. I'm actually quite excited about this since I've never used it before. And once I have 12 buttonholes along the top it will be ready to hang.

2. The Purple Haze Quilt.

At this point, I have 70 blocks of 4 charm squares each, plus 10 pairs of charms that make up the odd number of columns in my layout. Since one of my fabrics is flannel, I've been fighting against it stretching as I go and need to trim all 70 blocks back into squares before proceeding to sew them into rows.

I have the batting and backing fabric on hand, but I'm still debating how to quilt it. It's probably easiest to do straight lines since my machine is fairly compact and this will be a twin size quilt. After I figure that out, I'll piece together binding from my scraps and a bit of extra gray I bought. Ignoring time efficiency, I'll probably opt to sew the binding to the back of the quilt by hand.

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  1. I adore your shower curtain. I love the colors. I can't wait to see your finishes. Thanks for playing with us.


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